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July 8, 2012
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    Tales of Origin  
    By Arecus. Conberma
    Chapter 7: Day One, The Beginning

Sapphire gasped for a new sensation that she had never experience nor any merfolks had before. She breathed in and out with what the land-walkers called "oxygen". The once-merhog took a few breathes of oxygen in her lungs, sucking every fresh air within her body. She closed her eyes and relaxed in this new sensation. Her dolphin and crab friend helped her to get on the shore to get a rest. Sapphire sat for a moment, and tried to move her tail.

Only, there was no tail, just her feet. Sapphire gasped at the sight, she had a pair of feet! Now she could walk like other Coizards do! She thought with glee, while Sand was worrying about the situation.

"What should we do? What should we do? The King will be furious if he finds out. That's it! I'm going back to Atlantis and ask the king to destroy your contract with the sea witch!!" Before the crab sunk into the water, Sapphire scoped him up in her palms.

Though Sapphire was mute now, her glassy emerald eyes showed desperate expression to her little friend. Sand protested a bit but he couldn't help feel sympathy for the once-merhog. "...and if I do that, you will be unhappy for the rest of your life." Then he groaned, he was going to regret this. "Fine."

Sapphire squealed as she kissed the crab's forehead multiple times. Sand blushed in embarrassment, he then snapped quickly and grasped every second of time.

Then Nenna the pink dolphin, who was also Sapphire's mystical, said, "Okay, if we are going to do this, we need to get that prince of yours an attention."

"Easy for you to say, he's a prince. He is fully aware that going near the sea is straightly forbidden." Sand interjected.

"Look before you say it." Nenna said in an amused tone.

"What are you saying, you pink mammal?" the crab asked, along with Sapphire's confused eyes.

"Look behind you!" Nenna motioned as the two turned their heads, there was Kaze, the prince of Sapphire's dream!

"You're kidding me?!" Sand muttered. Clearly, Kaze was just as rebellion as Sapphire; they were a perfect match for sure.

"Hide!" Sand cried, but not as loud for the Coizard prince to hear it, the trio quickly hid behind one of the rocks.

"What are you doing? He's clearly looking for Sapphire!" Nenna hissed, Sapphire followed with angry stare at her crab friend.

"It's not that I'm against it. But at least put something on the princess." Sand said, covered his face as he was avoiding looking on something.

"Put what...oh!" Nenna soon caught up what Sand meant, Sapphire was particularly naked!

When Sapphire looked down on herself, she sheepishly covered her body with a shy smile on her face. This was embarrassing to make her first impression. Being mute isn't the worst, now she would be presenting herself in nude!!

On the other hand, Kaze walked gloomily on the seashore, he didn't care if he was caught. He just needed to clear his mind, the breeze beside the beach just did the trick.

During his small walk, thoughts were running through his head. 'I could have sworn that wasn't an illusion or hallucination from my drowning! Ok, it does sound crazy now. But that face, and her voic...the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. If only I could hear it again, just one brief sound, I will know it.'

While he was daydreaming, Sapphire was hiding behind the rock and observed Kaze's expression. She thought, 'He looks sad, I wish I could tell him my feelings...Sadly, I can't speak. How can I tell him my love without speaking?' Just as she was frustrating about her confession, the once-merhog accidentally stepped on a stick that caused a sound; Kaze's sensitive ears perked as he quickly turned himself, with a sword created by the wind in his hand.

"Who goes there? Show yourself!" he cried, steady himself for a challenge.

Followed the source of the sound, he slowly walked upon the rock where the trio hid. Kaze rose up his sword, ready to make a fatal swipe on his unknown enemies.

Before he dropped it, this so-called "enemy" was none other than a helpless woman in naked (Sand fainted before Nenna dragged him back into the water). "Oh!! Pardon me, lady. I mean no harm." Kaze's face suddenly flush when he saw this mysterious woman was covered in seaweed. "My goodness, what happened to you? Here, this will keep your warm." Without any hesitation, he took off his cape and covered Sapphire's body.

Deep in Sapphire's heart, she was smiling with glee. Kaze was compassionate and gentle despite his first entrance to scare her. When Kaze pulled her up with his hands holding her, Sapphire's legs were wobbling. She had been a merhog in her life, how did she know to walk like a Coizard? Luckily, the azure hedgehog caught her before she fell back.

Kaze grasped her hands tightly, looking deeply into her emerald eyes. The prince of Cosium was somehow found those emerald eyes...enchanting, yet also familiar. Had he seen those before? Could it be?

"May I ask your name?" Kaze whispered, eyes continued locked with the other.

Sapphire's mouth moved but no voice came out. She suddenly forgot that she couldn't speak, then she saw the disappointed expression on the prince's face. Kaze frowned, there goes the hope, he thought. But Sapphire wouldn't give up, she tried to use her hands as sign-language to Kaze. However, her 'explanation' nearly caused the two of them fell on the sand; good thing that Kaze had a good balance.

Kaze grinned at Sapphire, who blushed in silent. Suddenly, the next thing the once-merhog knew, Sapphire was lifted up as Kaze carried her in bridal style. "It seems that you had a rough journey to come here. In the mean time, you can stay in my castle." He said as he winked (Imagine Sonic's signature wink) at her, which caused the once-merhog blushed even deeper.

Sapphire gazed at Kaze, her eyes were sending a message like "Wouldn't I be a trouble?" something like that hence on her frowning face. Kaze chuckled softly at those eyes.

Then, he replied that made Sapphire's heart soar, "Don't worry, I'll take care of you."

With that, Sapphire leaned her head on Kaze's furry chest and listened to his beating heart. Kaze, on the other hand, found that was adorable. Despite she was mute, there was something more about her. He didn't know what, but he was sure that he would find out soon.

A few moments later, he watched this mysterious girl fell asleep in his arms. He chuckled lightly at the sight, and then he carried her back to the castle of Cosium.

'I maybe cannot speak to him with my mouth, but I will try my best to let him know.' Sapphire thought with determination as she nuzzled softly in Kaze's furry chest.

Meanwhile, Sand and Nenna were watching the whole thing. Nenna thought it was cute, and Sand's face showed worry and nervous. Sure, it was a clear that Kaze liked Sapphire, but not a strong one, yet. Hope things would get better tomorrow. The only thing the two sea creatures could do was waiting, and praying.

On the other hand, Rakar, Kaze and Darren's uncle, was watching everything. He was plotting in his mind, what plan he was planning? No one but him knew, and it was definitely something no good.

--Castle of Cosium--

"Brother, who is she?" Darren asked, pointing Sapphire who was sleeping in Kaze's arms.

Darren was worrying about Kaze for being silent after the birthday ball the other night. He was going to look for him, but Kaze already showed up before he went out. And then there was where he found his elder brother was carrying a mysterious girl.

Kaze simply replied to his younger brother, "I found her beside the beach, she must had been in an accident. So I took her in while she can rest. But she is mute, so we can't get much information from her."

Darren was dumbfounded at his brother's answer, his eyes twitched twice before he said, "Are you crazy!!? Have you even consider she might be an assassin? Or a spy? Or worse, a merhog?" he hissed as low as possible, avoiding people in the castle could hear their conversation.

The azure hedgehog rolled his eyes in annoyance, then he thrust his arms with Sapphire still asleep within. Then he asked his young brother, "Then tell me is she one of them?" he asked, unpleasantly.

Darren was unlike other hedgehog, he was possessed a third eye; people said it was Death's Eye, but it was a rare gift to the royal family. His "third eye" could determine whether the other was good or bad, honest or lying. But when it came to transformation, because there was magic as cover, there would be difficulty. At least, the dark hedgehog could see if this mystery girl came with purpose or peace. Darren took a deep look on Sapphire who was still soundly asleep, then after the observation, he finally had made a conclusion.

"She comes with pure mind, not even a single bad seed of corruption." Darren concluded.

"Told you so." Kaze said, obviously.

"Are you going to tell Mother about this?" Darren then asked.

"I will tell her tomorrow, she had a rough day." Kaze replied as he continued his way to his room.

"...At least do you know her name?" the ebony hedgehog asked again before Kaze left to his room.

"Not a clue, but..." Kaze replied honestly, then he remembered the emerald eyes and the shining ivory fur of this girl, a name came to his mind, "...let's call her 'Sylvia' for now. I'll ask her again tomorrow."

That was the end of day one of Sapphire, wonder what would happen next in the new dawn?

To be continued...
Alright, finally a new chapter! Hope you like it and when you think of something. Don't think, write them down in the comment!! ^w^

Although sorry for this short chap, I know that you guys might be expecting a bit longer, but hey, summer is still here and long. Until then, we should enjoy the summer! :love:

You guys are the best!

Previous Chapter: [link]

Next Chapter: [link]

, , , Queen Athena, and Rakar all belong to ME :liyuconberma:

Hope you like this chap, see ya soon!
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This story may be a "little" like from the disney movie "The Little Mermaid" but who cares if it's like that, at least it has it's own story :meow:

Also the story is really great by the way ;)
it reminds like a disney movie: there's an awesome story, they are singing in it, there are at least 1 or more villains in it and more. (Maybe a happy ending too >w< "MOSTLY a happy ending")

You're creating your own unic story with your characters, your own choosing of the songs they are singing and also how they all act which makes this story a little more different than any disney movie XD

And that's why it's so awesome to read it it's a combination of two different world :la:

We're waiting for the rest so keep on this great work ^u^
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Critique by alexiasli Jul 9, 2012, 8:45:11 AM
WOW.....! I could say anything for this drawing! i see you worked hard on this! It is cute,cool, and awesome. you did a pretty good job! i bet everyone on deviantART loves this drawing! Well i see all of the details and hard work in this drawing! the sunshine in shining on you! i love this drawing too much! i am going to think about this drawing alot! you are a very thoughtful person! with a good imagantion in your head you can be a wonderful artist and have cool drawing ideas! just remember that this drawing is very cool,amazing and good imagantion you can have! Job well done !i am proud of you!
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