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Have your OC to own 3 outfits of Cosium style (medieval/fantasy), they are all concept arts but still clear enough to let you know the structure/style of the outfits.

Fantasy, elemental, cultural, any style you would like to put on your OCs, and it will be yours, just leave it to me to design them (that is, if you don't mind my sense of fashion design) ^^

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Have your OC to dress medieval/fantasy as to become part of my world, Cosium!!

Fantasy, elemental, cultural, any style you would like to put on your OCs, and it will be yours, just leave it to me to design them (that is, if you don't mind my sense of fashion design) ^^

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Commission for ellythegee by LiyuConberma
Commission for MariaTheHedgehoge (part 2) by LiyuConberma

TWO PAGES to extend your short story! And in COLOR! It may be cost you a little, but I will it worth it!

45 USD (+10USD for an extra page)

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P.S: Please send me your script to examine the length for this commission.
Contest Entry-Silvaze Family Moment by LiyuConberma
Contest Entry-True Love Kiss by LiyuConberma
Commission for Bubbleslou by LiyuConberma
Only one shot of your short story! And in COLOR!

35 USD (+10 USD for an extra page, which would turn into TWO-SHOT commission)

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Commission for Sky-The-Echidna by LiyuConberma
None of this would have happened if I never knew u by LiyuConberma

Manga style! Black and white! 

25 USD

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Commission for SLYMaster58 Part 4 out of 4 by LiyuConberma
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Character (s) WITH background! Also depends on the complexity of your extra characters, it would cost extra a little.

30 USD (+10 USD for extra character each)

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Commission for MariaTheHedgehoge (part 1) by LiyuConberma
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Commission for FriskeCrisps by LiyuConberma
Benonic Archie Style by LiyuConberma

Character (s) without background. Extra characters would cost more (only a little, but depends on the complexity of your characters)

25 USD (+10 USD for extra character each)

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Captain Metal in Black and White by LiyuConberma
Young Darren Line by LiyuConberma
Sonic Boom line by LiyuConberma

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+2 dollars for difficulty, judged by me. But mostly it'd be normal price

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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 27, 2015, 8:06 PM

Hello, everyone.

Summer is here, and I have finished my 3rd year in college (both sad and happy). 

But aside from that, here's the good news is that my commissions are open AGAIN!

So, wanna see what kind of commissions I have opened this summer? Well, they are quite the same as last year, but I'm sure you would like them. ^^


Oh, and Happy SUMMER!! XD

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    Immortal Insanity, or Innocence?

    Chapter 2: Insanity of Killing

    By Arceus. Conberma (Liyu Conberma)

Queen Athena sat up in bed slowly. She could tell by the angle of the sun that she'd overslept again. Mortesen probably got up an hour earlier to begin work for the day. Though more likely it was closer to two hours. She heard the old raccoon herbalist humming as she went about her business near the hearth, cleaning out a little copper pot, dribbling some oil into it and then pouring in a handful of fragrant powdered herbs.

Athena took a step toward the bureau, but then her mouth began to salivate uncontrollably and her stomach lurched. She barely had time to make it to a bucket conveniently sitting nearby before the remainder of last night's dinner made its appearance. Finally, after dry-heaving for about half a minute she sat back, sweaty to the roots of her quills and gulping air.

“There, there, my Queen,” the raccoon patted her back comfortingly as she held out a cup of water. “See? It passes and you're none the worse.”

After rinsing her mouth of the sour, acidic taste she put a hand to her forehead. “Reveka, please get the physician for me.”

Reveka chuckled, helping the queen to her feet. “I very much doubt a male would be much help here. I've been suspecting this the last couple days. That's why I switched your nightly herbs from pine needles, cinnamon and pumice to rose petals, sandalwood and quartz.”

The blue hedgehog stared, the mysteries of herbs and their significance escaping her. “Well...I knew it smelled different in here but I have no idea what it means.”

“Have you not been waking up late every morning for the last week? And feeling a queasiness that seems to come and go without any reason? And sick up in front of me just now?” She raised her eyebrows and leaned forward, adding, “Mark my words, if you haven't been forced awake by a gnawing, biting hunger in the middle of the night, you will soon.”

Athena's eyes grew wide and a helpless, half-shocked smile took over her mouth. Unconsciously she placed a hand on her abdomen. “You mean...?”

“I could hardly mean anything else, my Queen.” Reveka sighed, her bones creaking a bit as she sat down in Mortesen's favorite chair. She had been working at the castle so long that she was allowed certain freedoms the other servants were not. “Eight times have I been where you are now, and what I know I'll gladly share with you. He will want to know.”

Athena looked up. “How did you tell your husband?”

The old herbalist's eyes sparkled with the memories. “Every time was different. The first time, I took him to the place where we always shared secrets. By the eighth I dressed a small pumpkin in baby clothes and left it on the breakfast table—and my seven little ones caught on before him!”

Athena couldn't help laughing at that, then she wondered what would be the best way for her. “I think...maybe I should go to him as soon as I'm done with breakfast. ...Then again, I'm not all that hungry.”

“Chamomile tea always does the trick,” Reveka nodded, “but ginger root is better. I'd better send my apprentice to fetch plenty since you'll be needing it soon enough.”

--In the Royal Study--

Meanwhile in the king's study, King Mortesen was facing a mountain of paperwork while discussing an upcoming peace treaty with his advisors and his half-brother, Rakar. The two royal hedgehogs listened with a growing sense of boredom as they were instructed in excessive detail how to greet the rulers of one particular kingdom, but especially the customs accorded to the different tribes they would be meeting. Their irritability was increasing by the second.

Suddenly the queen came in, her brilliant smile lighting up the room without hardly trying. Mortesen beamed back and greeted her with a brief kiss, welcoming the distraction and glad to see her about. She'd been so tired recently that he was worried perhaps she was overexerting herself.

"Am I interrupting something important?" Athena asked when she saw the number of counselors gathered in the room.

"No, no. I think we've almost covered everything," Mortesen replied, casting Athena a grateful glance.

"Oh, Love, I have something to tell you!" she said with a giggle, holding his hands tightly and almost bouncing on her toes.

"Really?" Her cheery mood was catching and he couldn't help smiling to share her enthusiasm before even understanding it. "What is it then?"

"I'm just so happy! I'm...well, we are—"

"Sire," one of his counselors interjected gruffly, "is the peace treaty with the Southern Kingdom of so little consequence to you?"

"A peace treaty?" Athena frowned.

Mortesen's smile faded with his wife's sudden loss of joy. He should have known she would not be pleased with the arrangement. "We are leaving Cosium tomorrow. I'm going down to the southeastern wharf to check the ship this evening."

It was the queen's especial duty to oversee supplying a caravan or ship whenever the king traveled to other countries. There was no way she could do everything in less than a day.

"But I have no time! All the preparations will have to be—” Athena stopped suddenly, giving him a piercing look. She spoke again, the hurt in her tone stinging him like a whip, “They're already complete, aren't they? Why didn't you tell me?"

"It is very sudden, and I'm sorry that I've left you out of this. I've been very busy lately and you have been acting so exhausted that I didn't want to burden you further." The black hedgehog stroked her hand with tender affection.

"I understand. But you'll be gone for so long...and I have something important to tell you," Athena muttered, staring at the floor.

"Yes? Tell me, Darling." The king was now fully focused on his wife.

Athena looked around at the fretting faces of his advisors, feeling this was not the best place to tell him. She wanted the moment to be special. "…Umm, would you mind if we…can we go out for a picnic?"

Mortesen smiled at his wife's sweet, almost shy expression. It was one of the rare moments when he got to see this side of her instead of her usual tomboy act. "Of course. Anything for you, Love. How about we do it right now?"

She gave him a half-quizzical, half-joking look. “Mortesen, it's not even 10 o'clock!”

“Then as king I hereby declare that today lunchtime be moved three hours earlier. Come, my dear. We're already late!”

The royal couple left the room laughing together, unaware of a pair of bitter eyes fixed on them. Rakar turned back to take care of the frustrated advisors.

--In the Royal Garden--

"So how long are you going to be away?" Athena asked, pouring her husband a glass of apple cider.

Mortesen accepted his favorite drink and replied with a grimace. "That depends on whether all the scattered tribes decide to show up where and when we agreed to meet or if they think they'll get more attention by being late. I don't understand why the country is considered a kingdom when they don't even acknowledge their king. Not enough to obey him, anyway. We'll have to restart negotiations every single time we meet with a different tribe. We may win over half of them, but we need three-quarters to have enough support for the treaty. So...probably a month. Maybe longer."

"Oh. That long?" Athena said softly, sipping her chamomile tea.

Her husband sensed the disappointment as he caressed her soft blue quills, "Don't worry, I'll be back before you know it."

"You'd better be or else I will drag your arse back to Cosium and give the public a sight to see," Athena threatened with her "sweet" smile.

Mortesen couldn't help suffering a cold-sweat for a moment, the vivid mental imagery all too clear. Oh, the public humiliation... And he was positive Athena wasn't joking about it.

"I promise I'll be back in exactly a month even if I have to leave early. Is that acceptable?"

"Good," Athena said, satisfied with his answer. In a month...maybe by then she'd have gained a little weight and it would be a pleasant surprise for his return. She could wait. Her demeanor changed, softening into something warm and earnest. “I love you, Mortesen.”

He leaned forward, tilting her chin upward and gazing into her sparkling ruby eyes. “Not as much as I lov—”

"My King, I was told I would find you here."

Mortesen and Athena inwardly groaned at the untimely interruption. But they retained their composure as a king and queen should, and turned to greet Captain Alexei Stripeback. The skunk carried a letter in his hands and they frowned at sight of the troubled expression on his face.

"Your Majesties, I have brought horrifying news."

"Well? I'm waiting, Alexei," Mortesen said impatiently, hoping to get it over with quickly.

"There is a request from a village in the north to investigate a mass murder. Sire, it was sent as a 'Royal Rank Case'," he said solemnly.

The royal couple froze at the name of its classification. If its level had reached 'Royal Rank' then they could not delay action and would have to handle it personally.

"What kind of killer we are dealing with?"

Alexei opened the letter and scanned it quickly for the information. "Sire, we are facing a murderer who is not only on the loose but also responsible for the deaths of 299 people."

"299 people?! All by one person??!" Mortesen was stunned.

"There is one piece of good news, though. A survivor was rescued who can identify the perpetrator," the captain added.

"Excellent, that will be a great help. Where is this survivor now?"

"We escorted her to the Royal Hall to await your presence."

Mortesen shook his head. "My first priority is the peace treaty. I won't be back for a month and can't get involved with this now. Surely my brother could take over."

"I already presented this to Lord Rakar, and I quote, 'I am not going to waste my time on a dumb murder case! I'd rather accompany my brother to sign the treaty, boring or not,'" Alexei replied, imitating the words with what almost sounded like petulance. It would have been funny if the situation had not been so serious.

"Of course. Why am I not surprised?" Mortesen sarcastically murmured, rubbing his temples in frustration. Not only did he have to leave his kingdom very shortly, but now his brother was coming along with him, and there was a dangerous murderer loose up north! There were no other members of the Royal family other than himself, his brother and—

"If he doesn't take it, I will," Athena volunteered.

"What?!" Mortesen and the captain both shouted in unison.

"What?" Athena was confused by their outburst.

"With all due respect, Your Highness," the captain tried to say gently, "it's not that we don't appreciate your willingness, but this case is probably the most extreme one we've ever encountered."

"Well, it's not as though I've never faced extreme situations before," the blue hedgehog replied nonchalantly.

"My Love," Mortesen cut in, "you don't have to do it just because Rakar and I are not available. You are not the last resort. I can delegate one of the generals to—"

"Are you implying that I'm not capable enough?" Athena turned on her husband, starting to feel somewhat insulted. "Because I'm a woman?"

Now Mortesen and Captain Alexei could feel the almost tangible rage from their queen as they took a small step back.

He raised his hands disarmingly. "No! No, no, no, no, no! It's not about that! We've been through this before and there's no need to do it again, Dear!"

"Then what is it?" She stood there impatiently tapping her foot, waiting for an answer.

"I…I don't want you to get hurt. If this is just as bad as Alexei describes... I couldn't bear having you get hurt because I wasn't there with you."

His honesty was real and instantly her anger washed away.

"Oh, Mortesen…"

Athena stepped close and wrapped her arms around his neck, speaking with comfort and confidence, "Remember, I'm tougher than I look. And I'm pretty sure I could use some excitement in my life right now."

"…I can't talk you out of this, can I?"

"No~pe!" Athena playfully replied. Stubborn to the last.

Mortesen gave an exasperated sigh. "Fine. But promise me you'll allow the captain to be your personal bodyguard."

"I'm sure I'll be fine by myself. But for you, Darling, I promise."

"Be careful, okay?"

"Can't promise that," Athena replied in an impish manner.

Now Mortesen lost most of his good mood. "Oh sure, you make me promise to be back in a month, but I can't ask that you practice a little restraint?"

Athena chuckled. "Okay, okay. I promise I'll be careful."

"Coizard honor?" Mortesen added, arms crossed over his chest.

She rolled her eyes. "Coizard honor. Happy?"


Mortesen tweaked his wife's nose, making her giggle even more. The skunk gave a conspicuous cough to "gently" remind his king and queen that there were more pressing matters that required both their attention. The ebony hedgehog reluctantly nodded to him and gave Athena a parting kiss, tender and lingering.

"See you in a month, my Love," he said softly.

And then the king of Cosium swept out of the garden, leaving the queen and the Captain of the Guard behind.

Athena turned to Alexei and asked with a smirk, "Well, shall we begin?"

To be continued...
Immortal Insanity or Innocence 02

Sorry for not updating this earlier, but the works at internship could REALLY exhaust you so much that you barely have any energy left to work my own personal stuff XP

Anyway, here's the new chapter, hope you like it! XD

For those who know one my OCs, Benonic the Hedgehog, and curious about his background story. Well….HERE YOU GO! THE FIRST STORY OF BENONIC THE HEDGEHOG (could be known as a demonic hedgehog...)

So I hope you enjoy this chapter, and up next would be the next page of Teen's Play. XD

If you wanna look a bigger image of the title page, click here: 'Immortal Insanity or Innocence' 02 Title Page by LiyuConberma
If you wanna know more about the characters, click here: Character Line-Up in IoIoI by LiyuConberma

No flames, please comment.

:iconherospeedplz:Previous Chapter:  Immortal Insanity or Innocence 01
Immortal Insanity or Innocence?
Chapter 1: Prologue - The Massacre
By Arceus. Conberma (Liyu Conberma)
A sea of fire.
Yes, that’s the phrase that described it all: sea of fire.
Sparks flew high in the air, evidence of a wildfire. The wide field had once been full of tents and carts, but now corpses were littered everywhere. The fire spread, swallowing them in a rage of hungry flames. Bloodied bodies had been torn open or mangled past recognition, staining the grass a grisly crimson. The air was filled with heavy, clotting ashes and the sickly smoke-stench of burning wood, cloth and flesh.
You might wonder how it happened?
It all started with a boy…a small boy who was born differently...deformed. All his life he'd had no friends, no family, no love, and lived in a cage, treated like an animal by every person he'd ever seen.
He knew ONE thing only:
Then he killed. He singlehandedly slew over two hundred people in the grassy field with nothing but

:iconheropowerplz:Next Chapter: Coming Soon!

    Story by me :iconliyuconberma:

    Edited by my Ghost Writer

All Characters belong to me, except Sonic and other Archie/Sega characters even though they have no part in this story. This is a pure OCs fanfic.

    Tales of Origin
    By Arecus. Conberma
    Chapter 7: Day One - The Beginning

Sapphire's head broke the surface, sending up a spray of a thousand diamond-like droplets of water. Nenna supported her as she breathed, gasping in air so desperately that it was as if she'd never used her lungs before. A thin line of dark land grew thicker and clearer as they swam steadily toward it. She had no idea how long it took to get there, but she was too tired to care much. Once in the shallows, she sat for a moment and tried to move her tail.

Only there was no tail. Sapphire gasped at the sight. Feet! Her own feet!

The sand filtered between Sapphire's toes and she wiggled them, laughing mutely at the sensation. She tried to stand, but wobbled in place as she put more weight on her legs. How exactly did Coizards manage? It seemed so easy when they did it.

Nenna was flailing in the shallow water beside her, reduced to a whimpering mess. There was nothing fun or exciting about what had just happened and all the timidity of her younger years came surging back.

“I'm dead! King Posiden is going to stuff me with barnacles and barbecue me alive over a volcano...”

Sapphire shook her head.

But the pink dolphin was too involved with the details of her upcoming execution. Sapphire watched her growing state of anxiety, then she hugged her companion. Nenna finally looked up. She pointed to herself and then gestured to the land, beaming like her friend had never seen.

“Okay,” Nenna sighed, calming down. “It's your dream come true. I can live with long as your father doesn't catch up with me. Hey, I'm your mystical. We're friends forever and I'm not going to begrudge you this. I can't go with you but I also don't want you alone among those dry-skinned mammals.” She turned thoughtful. “Actually...there might be someone who can help you out. He doesn't live far from here. I'll be right back.”

While her companion disappeared underwater, Sapphire slowly made her way onto the beach, stumbling every other step. Looking up, she could see Cosium Castle perhaps a mile away. How would she ever get there? Or find Prince Kaze?

“—don't see why you have to bother me during a prime sunning afternoon,” an irritated male voice said behind her. "Everything is 'important' to you younglings. No sense of timing."

Nenna came swimming forward, a small brown crab perched on her head. “Sapphire, this is Sand. Sand, this is her Royal Highness, Princess Sapphire.”

The crab looked her over skeptically. “Nice try. I know every member of the Atlantian royal family has a set of markings on their hands.” His mouth fell open as Sapphire held up her hands. “”

“Now do you understand?” the dolphin asked a little smugly.

“Oh, yes. It makes perfect sense that Posiden's only child is on land and missing her tail,” he said with more than a little sarcasm. “This better have a good explanation.”

One good explanation later...

“So, you see, she needs a guide of sorts,” Nenna said, finally getting to the point. “You've bragged about studying the Coizards and knowing their customs like the inside of your shell. I just thought you could back it up.”

Sand stood a bit straighter, clicking his claws with indignation. “Of course I can, and I'll begin training right now if you want.”

The once-merhog nodded eagerly.

“Alright.” He cleared his throat and raised one claw authoritatively. “Lesson #1: wardrobe choice. Some land-bound creatures don't wear more than shoes or hoods. Coizards, however, have a very pronounced sense of superfluity.”

She stared at him blankly.

“They overdress.”

Ah. That made more sense. But that meant she would be considered...stark naked.

“Presentation is important,” he continued. “A good first impression is essential if you want to form a relationship of any kind with these people. I suggest you find something regal to wear, befitting your status, that way when he sees you—”

“Sapphire!” Nenna hissed behind her. “Prince Kaze is right over there!”

Her eyes widened and she searched frantically for any place to hide, but a small cluster of boulders trailing rockweed was the only one available. Sapphire darted behind it, heart hammering in her chest. Sand kept a lookout, telling her Kaze was getting closer. His words made her both excited and terrified at once.

Kaze kicked a piece of driftwood along the seashore. Darren's questions had bothered him, especially the insinuation that he had imagined it all.

There was no way he could have made up that voice...a voice so beautiful that seemed to follow him everywhere. If he could just hear it again for a moment he'd recognize her. If only he knew where to look!

Growling, he sent the driftwood flying with a hard kick. It bounced off a nearby boulder and there was a patter of startled movement from the other side.

“Who's there?” he demanded, a sword created from wind appearing in his hand.

White quills slowly poked up, followed by two wide, feminine eyes.

“Oh, excuse me!” he said, hurriedly making the weapon vanish and walking forward. “I hope I didn't frighten you. What are you doing th—”

She pulled back, yanking up tangles of rockweed and trying to cover herself. It was a somewhat successful attempt, but it wasn't all that becoming. Kaze had halted, his face flushed with embarrassment.

“Th-that's probably not the best thing to use. Here, this will keep you warm.”

He unhooked the cloak from his shoulders. She accepted it graciously and wrapped it around herself, then he was able to look at her full-on. The way sunlight glinted off her pale, wet fur made it look almost silver. She had green eyes, captivating and...familiar? Had he seen those eyes before? Could it be?

“May I ask your name?” Kaze whispered, his gaze locked on hers.

Sapphire's mouth moved but no sound passed her lips. Disappointment clouded Kaze's face and he seemed to wilt. 'A mute. Then this couldn't possibly be her.'

“I see. I don't suppose you'd be able to tell me how you got here?”

She gestured from the ocean to the beach, making swim-like movements.

“Hm. I guess that should have been obvious. Are you alone?”

Sapphire shook her head and turned back to the rocks, scooping something up. When she showed her cupped hands to Kaze he backed off a step, slightly shocked.

“A crab? Uh...okay.”

The once-merhog took a step and nearly fell, but Kaze caught her by the arm just in time. Even though she wasn't the one he had been looking for, he suddenly felt better. This girl was helpless and needed someone. It felt good to be useful.

She was shaking with cold and her legs trembled as though she had no strength. The next thing she knew, Sapphire was in his arms being carried bridal-style.

"It seems you had a rough journey. Until we figure out where your family is, you can stay in my castle," he said as he winked at her (Imagine Sonic's signature wink), which caused her to blush even more deeply.

Sapphire started to smile but then shrank back, looking down at the cloak in embarrassment. The last thing she ever meant to do was come to him like a beggar. But Kaze chuckled softly.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of you. Just do me one favor? Hold your crab a little farther from my face."

Sand nestled into the crook of her arm, keeping quiet but also keeping a shrewd eye on the prince. He wasn't so sure that one could be trusted.

But Sapphire's whole body was aching and she was so tired that she leaned her head against Kaze's furry chest. His heartbeat put her at ease and she wanted nothing more than to stay there forever. Maybe she couldn't speak, but there had to be a way to show him how she felt.

Kaze, on the other hand, was surprised how comfortable he was with this arrangement. Despite being mute, there was something about her that attracted him. He didn't know what, but he was sure he would find out. A few moments later he realized the nameless girl had fallen asleep on him.

Behind them, Sapphire's dearest friend and mystical partner watched them go. She couldn't help worrying. Things could go wrong so easily and she would be unable to help. Nenna silently sent up prayers that all would go well.

But from a much higher point where no one had thought to look, a dark brown hedgehog stood observing the entire scene. His smile was unpleasant as he stroked one long facial scar repeatedly with his thumb. It was an old habit he fell into whenever a scheme was in motion...

    --Castle of Cosium--

It took longer than expected to carry her the whole way, so it was nearly sundown by the time he crossed the bridge. Startled eyes followed Kaze through the castle, creating a flurry of rumors that outpaced him. Within minutes practically everyone knew the prince had brought a strange girl home wrapped in his own cloak.

Darren had been searching the lower corridors for his brother when he heard, but he wasn't quite ready to believe gossip. However, when he hurried to the guest wing and saw the scene for himself, he had no choice. He stopped Kaze as he was about to go into one of the chambers.

"Brother, who is she?" Darren asked, not quite shouting but close.

“Someone who needs help,” Kaze replied simply. "She was stranded on the beach. I think she was in an accident at sea, maybe got washed overboard, but she can't speak so I can't be sure."

Darren's eyes twitched twice before he exploded, "Are you crazy!? Have you even considered that she might be an assassin? Or a spy? Or worse, a merhog?"

The azure hedgehog rolled his eyes and pushed open the door to a small chamber, then he placed her gently on the bed within. "Does she look like a slimy sea creature to you?"

“Not offhand, but that does.” Darren pointed to the brown crab.

“It's her pet. Look, why don't you 'eye her over'? Will that satisfy you?”

“Most likely,” he admitted.

Darren's Third Eye glowed as he gazed inside the heart of the sleeping hedgehog. What he didn't know was that his sight was clouded by her transformation so that she was difficult to read. There was plenty of warmth, though; no frosted shards of evil intentions at all. His brow furrowed in concentration but anything else worth gleaning, such as emotions or glimpses of things close to her, slipped away. The glow faded from his eye.


The ebony hedgehog looked at Kaze, rubbing his temples slightly to ease a sudden headache. “There's something strange about her, but she's safe as far as I can tell. Not even a single bad seed of corruption.”

"Told you so!" Kaze crowed.

"You'd better go explain all this to Mother right away. I'm not sure how she'll feel about it."

“I guess...” The azure hedgehog looked down at the strange girl's figure, her fur such a beautiful color that he fancied she had been kissed by starlight. “I'd better ask Eliza to help with her.”

The servant came when called and sent the princes out, insisting she couldn't put a nightgown on the poor girl with them watching. Sapphire didn't twitch once while she was dressed and carefully tucked beneath the coverlet. Eliza doused the lamp and left.

In the darkness Sand made an irate noise. “Hmph! 'Pet' indeed!”

    To be continued...
REWRITE Tale of Origin Chp7-Day One-The Beginning
If you wish to compare it with my OLDER VERSION of this chapter, click here:  Tales of Origin Chp 7
Tales of Origin  
By Arecus. Conberma
Chapter 7: Day One, The Beginning

Sapphire gasped for a new sensation that she had never experience nor any merfolks had before. She breathed in and out with what the land-walkers called "oxygen". The once-merhog took a few breathes of oxygen in her lungs, sucking every fresh air within her body. She closed her eyes and relaxed in this new sensation. Her dolphin and crab friend helped her to get on the shore to get a rest. Sapphire sat for a moment, and tried to move her tail.
Only, there was no tail, just her feet. Sapphire gasped at the sight, she had a pair of feet! Now she could walk like other Coizards do! She thought with glee, while Sand was worrying about the situation.
"What should we do? What should we do? The King will be furious if he finds out. That's it! I'm going back to Atlantis and ask the king to destroy your contract with the sea witch!!" Before the crab sunk into the water, Sapphire scoped him

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Tales of Origin
By Arecus. Conberma
Chapter 6: Decisions

At Cosium Castle, Kaze was under the care of the royal physicians. Since daybreak they had offered him everything from cold medicine to illusion-dispelling draughts—all of which tasted foul. Finally he shouted that the next one who approached him without his permission would go flying out the window. They left him alone after that.
His mother had visited him once that morning but she had plenty of work to do, especially after the princesses heard from the servants that he'd been cavorting with a random girl on the beach during the ball. They had all left in swirls of lace and anger, determined to receive formal, written apologies before even looking at him again.
Darren sat beside his brother's bed, trying to piece together the story. “So you never saw her clearly. And she…sang to you?”
Hearing the sarcasm in Darren's voice, Kaze glared. “Yes. And we talked.”
“About w

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Kaze, Sapphire, Darren, Athena, Mortesen, Marissa, and Posiden the Hedgehogs/Merhogs belong to me :iconliyuconberma:

Sonic and his friends belong to :iconsegaplz:
Teen's Play Issue 1 Page 34 by LiyuConberma
Teen's Play Issue 1 Page 34

Whoopie, a new page updated! Sorry for not updating sooner, kinda testing out the brush and some settings on the colouring technique. But either way, hope you enjoy this page.

And guess what?

Only 2-3 more pages to go till the end of this issue! Then "Children's Play" will be next!! XD

So here's the names of Sonic, Shadow, and Silver use in this comic:

1) Terios: It was originally Shadow's name in the game, which means "reflection of".

2) Maurice: I think most people knows that's Sonic's MIDDLE name in the comic book series, if you have read them, of course.

3) Venice: Silver's original name in the game.

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STORY created by ME!

Text edited by :iconsupasilver: and my Ghost Writer.

Silver the Hedgehog belong to :iconsegaplz:

Kaze the Hedgehog, Sapphire the Merhog/Hedgehog, Darren the Hedgehog and Trails the three-tailed Wolf belong to ME :iconliyuconberma:


Crystal Cheung
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